Body positivity

Fashion and Body Positivity 

The world is finally moving toward body positivity. More people are standing up against wrong beauty standards and working for a society that accepts all body types. 

For years, bad stereotypes have caused low self-esteem and fear of judgement to many people. Many social media groups are now taking a new direction: body positivity.

When people hear about it, they often think about the difficulty of women in accepting their own body. However, males can be in the same situation. We all can suffer because of the traditional view on what body type is socially acceptable. 

What is body positivity?

Body positivity champions the belief that everyone deserves a good body image, regardless of how society and culture define ideal shape, size, or appearance.

Body positivity stands up for:

  • Changing the way people think about a human body in society

  • Promoting acceptance of all people’s bodies

  • Helping individuals to develop self-awareness and acceptance of their own bodies

  • Unrealistic body norms

Body positive

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Body Positivity and Media 

Many inspirational celebrities promote body positivity for all genders and walk of life. Adele, Serena Williams, James Corden, Lizzo, are just a few of these celebrities. Some of them are happy with how they look and some of them talk about the struggle in accepting their body for what it is. 

These body-positive role models set a good example and wish to help you become more comfortable in your own skin. They can inspire you to love yourself and accept who you are. 

For years, the mainstream media and marketing focused on the so-called ‘perfect’ bodies, impersonated by tall and skinny models. Less than 1% of the world-wide population fits this body ideal. These skinny people used to sell us clothes. Body positivity is replacing these ideals.

All bodies are beautiful and deserve celebration and admiration. With the movement’s social media presence expanding and early adopters in the fashion industry receiving great feedback, diversity is now gaining traction. 

Several brands, including Nike, Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, have joined the effort to accommodate larger sizes for its customers. The movement is gaining a lot of traction, and it has a sizable following. The plus-size fashion industry in the United States alone earns 21 billion dollars in 2018, accounting for over 20% of the women’s clothing market. 

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How to Be More Accepting of Your Body?  

In order to accept your body, try not to allow your fears to overshadow your attractiveness. Recognize the things about your body that you appreciate, such as your lips, hair, height, physique, or facial features. You should be proud of who you are.

It will all lead to one thing: feeling comfortable in your own skin. It may be easier to say it however, doing it can be tough. Body acceptance and good self-esteem require time. In order to be successful, you need to stay positive and the support from your loved ones and friends.  

Follow body-positive celebrities and influencers and read articles and blogs that support this movement. These inspiring people can help individuals to defy false beliefs set by the fashion industry. They help people to accept themselves regardless of their body type.  

Is important having a strong, positive sense of individualism. Listening, admiring and copying body positive icons is a good way of letting the right messages sinking in your mind. It can also be helpful and rewarding to support others in their journey of positivity.  

Dressing for body positive

From an outfit point of view, choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. Your clothes should make you feel and look nice and raise your confidence level. The wrong outfit can make you uncomfortable and ruin your whole day, while the right one can lighten it up.

Just understand that the size is just a number, or a letter, it doesn’t affect how good you are going to look. Aim to feel good about yourself rather than meeting some one else’s ideal. Dress for your size rather than squeezing yourself into something that is too tight. 

Remember, you deserve all the happiness, and do not let anyone bring you down.  Wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident. Let no one tell you how you should or shouldn’t dress. 

And by all means, take all these compliments!